Monday, October 30, 2017

A Birthday

I'm having a birthday this year.

I mean, I have one every year. But a larger and rounder-looking one arrives this year.

And here's what I want for a gift: to do the most good possible.

So here are a few links to my favorite organizations. Please help me help them.

Help provide safe drinking water:

Send a girl to school in a country where education is not free:  

Help people in Raleigh experiencing homelessness:

Stop the spread of disease (including tuberculosis, cholera and ebola) among the world's poorest people:

Help people around the world get emergency medical care:

Help refugees fleeing violence:

Restore trees and stop deforestation in the poorest country in this part of the world:

Help Wake County students whose parents can't afford to keep them in decent school clothes:

Truly, this is all I want. For Christmas, too.


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